Paradise gallery

Centre for Research and Experiments in Fine art.


As an art project, Paradise is the only place in Nantes dedicated to national and international artist residencies.

The structure of the location consists of two flats, a workshop, a gallery, and a courtyard.

This singular and unique place is the result of a human adventure between the architects and sponsors Agnès Lambot and Philippe Barré, and two visual artists, Béatrice Dacher and Michel Gerson.

The residency at Paradise offers a research award, accommodation, a workshop, and a gallery space (100m²).

It's a place for research, experimentation, and exhibition. Paradise envisions a cycle of 5 to 6 artists' residencies each year, aiming at the creation and exhibition of work, in a continual dynamic of exchange with the public.

For four years now, Paradise has invited more than 21 residency artists and more than 40 artists, in a spirit of mutual collaboration. More than 41 exhibitions and artistic events have taken place at Paradise over the last four years.

Association Paradise, 6 rue Sanlecque, 44000 Nantes, France

Présentation de Paradise (PDF)