Event 3 - Dream Garden

Graham Dunning, zOH/astre

Event 3 - Dream Garden

21 Juin, 18h30 - 20h00
Experimental sounds in the garden for Fete de la Musique.

Graham Dunning


zOHastre (Saint-Aignan FR)

Olmo: drums 
H: synths, tapes, call birds. 

Magic and mesmerizing cocktail of melodies, noise, hypnotic and accelerated rhythms. 

zOH's music is highly inspired and plunges us into a strange and dreamlike universe... 


Graham Dunning (London UK)

Playing a minimal, abstract composition of field recordings, drones, vinyl noise and found sounds.

Quotidian noises made by people, nature and the city; transformed through unusual combinations into an uncanny sound collage.